Picture of the day : Ode to a lost era

Picture of the day : Ode to a lost era

Today everything is going slowly. It’s raining, but I’m not afraid to go outside for a walk without an umbrella. When it’s raining, I’m feeling fine. The air is so fresh and clean and I can breathe properly – seems as if I’m about drifting from a cold into my yearly pollen allergy in spring.  Ha ha – sounds funny, but it is not.

The last days I spent thinking about the old times when I spent hours in a virtual community which does not seem to exist any longer. Just last Friday it happened that I could not send private messages, write posts or share discussions. All lost. All gone – and on Monday I read a tiny little post stating:

„That the end would come was a fact published in 2011.“

Wow. That’s great. I felt like being in the film „Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy“ based on the novels by Douglas Adams in which a highway is built through the universe and for that purpose planet Earth has to be blown up. Protest? Beware – the plans have been known for a good while and lying in a place in another galaxy… Ooops. Sorry, mission not accomplished.


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