Picture of the day : Moonlight photography

At the weekend we spent some time outside in the middle of the night to shoot pictures in the moonlight, just like artist/photographer Darren Almond. Some of his well-known pictures of landscapes under a full moon were shown at an exhibition in Bad Homburg’s Altana Stiftung Museum Sinclair House:

Moon 2

In this exhibition we saw pictures of the coast of Rügen – the following one was used on an ad for another exhibition back in 2012/2013 in the same museum:

Moon 1

After this my husband told me that a couple of years ago he tried to do exactly the same but just for his own fun, and so we decided now to go outside to take some pictures around our holiday home…


But unlike my husband, my only equipment was a cell phone – so you can imagine that his pictures were way much better than mine, but in the end I am more than satisfied with my results.



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