(Moving) Picture of the day : The stairs


storey to storey, building to building, street to street – we pass each other on the stairs


One of my favourite songs of the 80s/90s came to my mind when I walked on by a sculpture in front of our town hall in the center the city where I live. So I linked the official band video on Youtube to the picture I shot on the 6th of October, 2018   *):


02 The Stairs


Whoever created this video must have been in love with the Weeping Angels seen the first time in the episode „Blink“ of Doctor Who.  The stairs on my photo are a part of the sculpture known as „Flamme“ (flame) created 1971 by artist Bernd Rosenheim. The sculpture, resembling indeed a flame, is 5.5 metres in height and has been put together from 160 single pieces of metal.

It is dedicated to victims of the violence: „for the defenseless and resistant, weak and brave victims of the violence – the ones sold down the river“ („den wehrlosen und den widerstehenden, den schwachen und den tapferen, den verratenen und verkauften Opfern der Gewalt“).

(video source – https://youtu.be/Kh1t0POx5Tw)                                


*) : Sad, but true – the 6th of October, 2018  will always have a special meaning for me.




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