(Moving) Picture of the day : shining star


Picking a photo and then choosing a song that’s matching the memories connected to it worked very well over the last few weeks. But sometimes it’s working a little bit different: buying an item, taking a photo of it, and then realizing the same moment that this item is bearing the same name as a song you heard just a few weeks ago.

A very popular motif at Christmas time is the star. Stars come in many different shapes, most of them with five or six points of which those with five-points are my favourites. A decoration item that never made its way into the window of my living room is the so-called Moravian star, known in Germany as Herrnhut Star.

What I learned was that in the 19th century a 110-point-star was created for the an anniversary. Modern stars are far from that with „only“ 26 points. This might look beautiful but not really my cup of tea because I don’t like Christmas decorations as much as other people. But there is always an exception to the rule.

And here the exception is the Shining Star (which in fact is a lamp): While I was strolling through our local hardware store I spotted a star shaped design lamp for outdoor illumination. With the remote control that comes with the 40 cm lamp I can either choose a certain colour or have the colours change automatically which is nothing new but I like it.


04 shining star

Nothing new but I like it“ is what I can also say about the song that’s hidden behind the picture of this star. Some might expect a song by Earth Wind & Fire from 1975. But it’s a strange video release of the only single issued from INXS’s live album „Live Baby Live“ back in 1991. I do not have this album but the DVD release of their concert in the Wembley Stadium.  (video source: https://youtu.be/vjmI2OGlK9s)




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