(Moving Picture) of the day : City Lights


After all those Christmas decorations have been removed, I came back to remember a scene I short early in the morning a short while ago… around seven o’clock or so

To match this picture of tranquility I chose a song which you could hear a couple of years ago at the European Song Contest, a show I do not watch very closely on TV. But this one was something special – Blanche „City Lights“ – I have connected her video to this picture:

city lights


Why do I love this video? It’s not only the song – when it comes to music I can be very open-minded. On the one hand you can see me at a metal concert and on the other I can be fascinated very much by classical music and opera (video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBu0m5JAUsA).

What attracted me here was the deep voice of this very young female Belgian singer, the rhythm and melody of the song, and the video itself with bright lights and Bauhaus style architecture. Which reminds me of the next Luminale coming up in 2020.



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